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Epifrog is a single-player, survival 2.5D game with strategy elements based on a grotesque author’s world.

You become Epifrog - a frog general with magic abilities. You will often be forced to make difficult decisions that will dynamically affect the course of the entire game and its ending

During your mission you will explore the swampy world for resources, food and to find a way to restore peace. It is important to manage your capability, frogs and time so you won’t be sneak attacked. Do whatever it takes to survive the journey through mythical and dangerous lands as you get closer to the mad god.

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Build & Upgrade

Grow, evolve, build and upgrade! In the village there is the magic pond, all your friends and stores. Remember to upgrade village fortification before the U’mans attack. They don’t know mercy… so better be prepared!

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Grotesque World

The whole story is based on a grotesque author's world. Mechanics are designed to be both - useful and funny. Of course, we could make normal item mechanics, but where's the fun? That's why *sneak peek* you have to kick another frog to get the item! 

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Become me, a handsome, funny, intelligent creature - Epifrog. A hero, blessed with a nice set of elemental powers, physical strength, natural intellect and of course personal charm. It is in my/your hands to reestablish peace and happiness in my beautiful world!

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